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The purpose and goal of Primal Cravings Deer Mineral is to focus on the key “Points” that effect the health, well-being and genetic potential of deer, and to promote and enhance healthier alternatives that will benefit deer, hunters and the environment.

The problem

Pointers Specialty Deer Mineral, by Primal Cravings, was created out of sheer need and necessity.

Crop land in this country has been farmed and depleted of nutrients and minerals, while on many farms, only a few minerals are ever replaced. Nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, otherwise known as (NPK) or 9-23-30 and 10-10-10 being the primary nutrients being used in many modern day operations. While these 3 nutrients, NPK, help promote outstanding yields, they do little in terms of supplying a healthy balanced nutrient dense crop. Genetically Modified crops, herbicides and pesticides further add to this ever increasing dilemma.

Whitetail deer who feed off these crops, or even your own food plots raised this way, get shorted of much needed nutrients, which in turn, affect their health, growth and genetic potential. Please refer to an article in ( Are Crops Contributing to the Whitetail Decline? – North American Whitetail ).

Hunters Placing Deer Mineral

Our Solution

Pointers Specialty Deer Mineral was specifically designed and created to address the shortfalls and needs of deer living in today’s world, providing them with the most available forms of minerals, no longer found in many soils. Pointers also provides a unique probiotic for increased immunity and nutrient absorption, along with buffers and some of the highest quality trace mineral salt found on the planet.

Deer have an innate sense in knowing what they need.  Pointers specialty deer mineral provides for these needs and the deer instinctively prefer it, satisfying their Primal Cravings!

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Our unique genetic enhancers have proven results for deer, hunters, and the environment.

What Our Customers Are saying


“The Pointers deer mineral was a hit on my small property in Wisconsin. I placed it on a higher elevation logging road between bedding areas and was immediately impressed with the frequency wildlife was hitting it, not just deer. Does, fawns and bucks were at the site regularly throughout the day and night and even had frequent visits from bears, coyotes, racoons and the like. Deer had the ground tore up trying to get at it, long after it was absorbed into the soil.”

Dan Leffelman, Ettrick, WI

Deer Mineral & Antler Growth Supplements

Deer hunters and outdoor enthusiasts often look for more effective ways to create food plots that promote optimal health in the local whitetail population while allowing the deer to maximize their genetic potential.