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It is the goal and intention of Primal Cravings to have everyone live a happy and prosperous life to its fullest. We hope to provide you with information that will take away some of the stress, risk and guesswork. We also hope to remove some of the legwork for you to be successful, so you can enjoy what you like to do, MORE! Hopefully this information can resonate with you and even spill over into benefiting your own families. Included in this is over 40 years of painstaking trial and error personal experience.

The conclusion of this research is that nearly the entire visit here existence for much of the life here on this earth is completely dependent upon the top 6 inches of topsoil. The health of our soil correlates directly with the health of the plants, animals and ultimately us and our children. THERE IS AN ABSOLUTE SYMBIOTIC RELATIONSHIP!

Our resource and research page is not meant or designed to judge anyone’s hunting, food plots, supplementation practices or lifestyle. What it is designed to do ,is to offer you real life alternatives that can certainly enhance what you already have.

These alternatives will help your deer develop into their genetic potential faster and at a younger age, help facilitate epigenetics in developing fawns while maintaining a healthy and strong immune system.

Recommended Readings & Video Sources

  • Explore Wide Open Spaces at

    This site describes 10 of the most prevalent diseases affecting our whitetail deer herds. We all should be and need to be proactive. What are the causes? What can we do to make things better or prevent them. Research exists today that implies that the majority of common diseases and ailments are caused by diet and lack of proper nutrition and that the body has the ability to heal itself, once it is given the proper building blocks. Also, up to 80 percent of the immune system stems from having the right gut bacteria.

    We don’t live in a perfect world. Each and everyday, our deer, wildlife and even ourselves our impacted by the choices we make and what we decide to put in our bodies. But for deer and wildlife, sometimes few choices exist.We believe there could be underlying causes that could be accelerating these health problems.

  • The Institute for Responsible Technology is an absolutely great resource and offers insight into real problems happening with the worlds food supply.
  • To help counteract some of the deficiencies in the soil, and the chelating of minerals out of the bodies of deer and wildlife by Genetically Modified crops, Pointers Specialty Deer Mineral, by Primal Cravings, aims at reversing and correcting this damage by adding chelated and polysaccaride minerals back into the body, along with probiotics for better nutritional absorption and immune response.

    If you are raising crops or food plots for deer, or even gardens for your own little dears, please consider planting non gmo seeds. Consider using balanced fertilizers containing the full spectrum of minerals and nutrients to create a nutrient dense well balanced food.

    Some really great sources that you may want to research or explore include the following:

Genetic Roulette, The Gamble of Our Lives

Are You Eating The Corn Mice Rejected?

Final Thoughts

What a great list! I have personally used all of these products and have had extremely positive results and experiences with each of these companies. The observed benefits include higher yields, higher quality, less disease issues and sweeter and better tasting food.

These products can literally make your food plot a DEER MAGNET! It provides them with something they can’t find anywhere else. You will be working with nature instead of against it and there is nothing more rewarding than to satisfy your Primal Cravings!

If you have the land and time, you may want to consider planting some fruit and nut trees to help feed your deer and get them through the winter. Some really great nurseries I have found that provide excellent trees for deer and wildlife include:

You have just been handed a list which many hunters and wildlife enthusiasts would covet. If you have any other great resources that you have personally seen fantastic results with, please feel free to share.

Together we can share in the camaraderie of unforgettable hunting and life experiences.


Steve Pechacek, Founder

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