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Specialty Deer Mineral

Pointers brand specialty deer mineral is unlike anything else on the market today.  The ingredients may look similar, but because of their pure and highly available forms, they become an amazing and synergistic blend that deer not only need, but commonly and instinctively prefer over other brands, even without the use of artificial flavors or artificial attractants.

The salt in Pointers is a naturally mined trace mineral salt, that comes from an ancient sea salt deposit and has a broad spectrum of trace minerals that are naturally occurring.

Next, Pointers contains a naturally mined clay based mineral foundation, containing a multitude of macro and trace minerals.  This ingredient acts as a buffer in the digestive tract of the deer, helping to bind toxins and excess ammonia and eliminate them from the body, which in turn can also help cut down on parasites and biting insects.

It is becoming public knowledge that up to 80 percent of the immune system comes from a healthy digestive tract.  To achieve this, the digestive tract must have the right balance of digestive enzymes, prebiotics and probiotics.  Pointers contains a very unique probiotic that has the ability to help the deer regain high levels of its own naturally occurring beneficial bacteria and also helping to eliminate harmful and bad bacteria and toxins.  This unique probiotic also helps to increase the immune system and dramatically increase nutrient absorption.

In addition to the major minerals like calcium, phosphorus and magnesium, trace minerals are added in chelated and polysaccharide forms, making them extremely available and creating a multilevel nutrient delivery system in the digestive tract.

The End Result

Healthier bucks and does going into the rut, better conception rates, more multiple births, higher birth weights, more milk production, meaning faster weight gains for fawns.

All classes of deer gaining weight and being able to maintain weight while being healthier and thriving.

Bucks achieving larger antler sizes at younger ages and being able to achieve their true genetic potential.

Why Is This Coming Out So Late?

We wanted to test our latest and best recipe to make sure the deer were still going to be receptive to a mineral that is actually so good for them.

And even though the buck antlers may be already predestined for this year, it is still a great time to get the bucks and does built up for the rut and also help does and fawns have a strong finish to their growing season and to prepare all deer going into winter.

Epigenetics is becoming the new buzz word in the industry.  It simply means that if a doe has the proper nutrition while she is in gestation, her offspring will be able to develop to their full genetic potential. If the doe is deficient, she will release a hormone signaling her unborn fawn to stay smaller and not develop to its genetic potential.

How to Use This Product

We recommend using smaller amounts and refreshing your mineral sites more often. Our company conducted a trial using what we felt to be the top 10 deer minerals in the industry today. All of them responded the same way when affected by large amounts of rainfall. The salt tends to leach out, leaving the remaining minerals somewhat unpalatable. If this happens, you may want to consider remixing a higher quality trace mineral salt back in with your remaining mineral or top off with some fresh new mineral. There is no way to balance out all of a deer mineral needs in one package. Some deer need even more salt, so we recommend having a little salt pile next to your mineral pile to allow the deer to help balance themselves out. A higher quality trace mineral salt like Redmonds works great. Salt blocks are ok but deer can’t lick enough from them fast enough to support their needs at crucial times. Deer are not like cows in that sense.

Place this mineral in a high traffic deer area since it has no artificial attractants or flavors and preferably near a water source, if possible. Obey all laws in your state concerning baiting or feeding deer or wildlife. Do not feed this mineral to sheep as it contains copper.
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Disclaimer: Primal Cravings LLC makes no warranties, express or implied regarding the performance of its products due to improper use, the weather or other elements in nature beyond our control.

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